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  1. Belfast Lough :
    1. Annagher : Dive wreck the Annagher sank in a huge storm at the loss of nine crew members.
    2. Chirripo : The Chirripo was sunk by a mine or submarine in 1917 still intact on the bottom of Belfast Lough.
    3. Trout Pool : The vessel Trout Pool, filled with grain, was one of the early WWII wrecks that struck a mine.
  2. Rathlin Island :
    1. HMS Drake : The HMS Drake was torpedoed by the mine laying German submarine U79.
    2. Lough Gary :
  3. Strangford Lough :
    1. Empire Tana (Lees Wreck) : The Empire Tana or Lees Wreck is one of North Ireland's most popular diving spots.
    2. MV Alastor : The MV Alastor is a huge and old motor yacht that offers a lot of shelter for small and larger marine life.
    1. Malin Head :
      1. Limeburner :
      2. SS Kaliopis : The Greek vessel SS Kalliopis sank after being hit by German torpedo boats.
      3. SS Laurentic : The S.S. Laurentic is because of missing gold bars and silver coins of great interest for wreck treasure hunters.
    2. Malinbeg :
      1. Gloster Rock : Gloster Rock is a nice rock formation where you can dive in gullies, swimmthroughs and mini caves.
      2. Malinbeg Shore : After hundreds of steps you can enter Malinbeg Bay where you can find plenty of fish and soft corals.
      3. Shark Rock : Shark Rock just to the east of Tharal Point is named because of its form, not for your chances to see these magical creatures.
      1. Rathlin O'Birne Island :
      2. Slieve League Cliffs :
      3. St Johns Point :
        1. Black Rock : The dive site Black Rock is easily reached by RIB from shore.
        2. Cassan Sound :
        3. Portnagh Rock : The dive Portnagh Rock offers holes, crevices and can be reached after a 5min surface swim.
        4. Skuddagh Rock :
      4. Tory Island :
        1. HMS Wasp :
      1. Dublin Bay :
        1. HMS Vanguard :
        2. MV Bolivar :
        3. MVS Leinster :
        4. SS Guide Me II :
            1. Around Connemara : Diving around Connemara, the West of Ireland
                1. Inis Boffin : Inis Boffin
                  1. Inis Turk : Inis Turk
                  2. Kilkee : Diamond Rock and the reef of Duggerna Rock have made Kilkee a protected town with superb scuba diving opportunities.
                    1. Diamond Rocks : The reef and gorge at dive site Diamond Rocks, containing fair amounts of quartz, make them glisten in the sun.
                  3. Killary Fjord : Killary Fjord
                        1. Cork South :
                          1. Aud, Libau : The Libau, masquerading as the Aud, was smuggling weapons into Ireland during the 1916 Easter rising.
                          2. Celtic : Wreck dive the Celtic, located near Roche's Point about 15min from Crosshaven, is best dived on slack tide with minimal currents.
                          3. Clifton : The Clifton used to be 242 ton steam fishing trawler patrolling in the North Sea.
                          4. Ling Rocks : The quite deep dive site Ling Rocks offers a series of peaks combined with extraordinary marine life.
                          5. Morococala : The armed trawler Morococala makes for a nice wreck dive.
                          6. Sante, Santo : Just outside Cork harbor we can dive the famous Sante or Santo wreck.
                          7. Sovereign Islands : The Sovereign Islands are actually a set of very large rocks attracting marine life for ages.