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Breffni Gray
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Shark Rock just to the east of Tharal Point is named because of its form, not for your chances to see these magical creatures.

Name Dive Site:Shark Rock
Depth: 0-34m (0-111ft)
Visibility: 20-30m (65-98ft)
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The Westward side of the harbour mouth is called on the charts "Tharal Point", but unmarked just to the East of the point is a rock which breaks at low water known as "Shark Rock". Care must be taken if boating in this area during high tide as it is very easy to hit this rock.

Shark Rock provides a variety of topography from reef walls to narrow gullies. If the weather allows, the best entry point is between the rock and the headland just inside of the harbour. At a depth of 8m the diver will find a kelp covered reef which falls onto a rocky bottom with sand patches at 18m. Keeping the reef wall to the right proceed at 15m until the start of a gully. A little further in, the gully divides into two paths, on the right a narrow, long, cave-like gully which leads to the outside of Tharal Point and on the left a gully which leads to the seaward side of Shark Rock. Choose either of these gullies and you will find jewel anemones, sponges and soft corals covering the walls like a brightly coloured carpet. The water normally has 20-30m visibility and overhead, shoals of pollack and occasional herring can be found passing into Donegal Bay. Amongst the other unusual sights on this dive is an abundance of Rainbow wrasse.

Heading South out of the gullies will lead the diver into deep water in excess of 34m. Here the bottom consists of large boulders with much fish life but few sponges or corals. To avoid deep water turn east after leaving the gully and you will come to a further series of gullies. After about 70m change North and this should bring you to the outside of Shark Rock. Beware that the sea breaks heavily at low tide and care should be taken when surfacing to avoid ascending through the surf caused by the rock.

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