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The Clifton used to be 242 ton steam fishing trawler patrolling in the North Sea.

Name Dive Site:Clifton
Depth: 35-38m (114-124ft)
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She was 126ft long, built in 1906 by Cochrane and Sons, in Selby. After a career fishing the North Sea she was taken into service by the British Admiralty in 1915 and sent to Queenstown, now Cobh, in Cork Harbour.

The Clifton was sweeping at the entrance to Cork harbour when there was a massive explosion and the ship disappeared in seconds. She had struck one of the very mines being swept and with no watertight compartments and cemented bulkheads she would have sunk very quickly. There was only one survivor. The wreck lies in 38m and is a compact wreck dive. It now is home to a number of large conger and is constituently patrolled by pouting divers.

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