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Inis Boffin

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Inis Boffin (Island of the White Cow) sits 7 miles off the coast and measures 5 miles x 3 miles. Approximately 200 islanders call this offshore hamlet home. Inis Boffin is steeped in history, with experts estimating that it was first populated as far back as 8000 – 4000 BC. The entrance to the main harbour is impressively overlooked by Oliver Cromwell's stone fort; used as a prison for Catholic priests throughout the 17th century.

The island hosts a startling variety of flora and fauna. Indeed, its waters are a breeding ground for both the grey and the common seal. For divers, Inis Boffin's unique selling point is the shelter it provides from the prevailing sea swell. Even in relatively adverse conditions, sheltered and comfortable diving can be found. Underwater typical features comprise deep walls and drop offs; some plummeting to 50 metres; and towering pinnacles. One such pinnacle called Buachaill (meaning Boy) reaches upwards to 50 metres from the surface and spirals underwater to a similar depth! A profusion of marine species inhabit the waters off Inis Boffin; the island's heavily indented coastline ensures both shelter and forage for them. Expect to encounter friendly seals, graceful ling and conger eels, cuckoo wrasse so curious that they swim right up to divers' masks and anemones every colour of the rainbow. Those lucky enough may even spot an octopus in the sand.


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